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About Us

Welcome the child and family into our family with a group motorcycle ride.

We all ride out to the child and introduce ourselves. After introductions we present the child with their own Unbroken Warrior vest. And of course, no biker is complete without a bandana, sunglasses and tattoos (if you don't like tattoos then you can call them skin stickers). After the child has put on their biker attire, including a helmet, we put them onto a safe back seat with a very experienced rider to take them on a ride with the group.


Provide 24/7 security any time there is a threat or the child feels unsafe or afraid.

We will show up to the child’s house and stand guard outside until they feel safe enough to go to sleep; if that takes all night, then so be it. If the child continues to feel afraid, we will escort them to school, if that helps make them feel safe enough to go to school. When practical, we’ll even show up to have lunch at school with the child. Our focus is on the child and the safety of that child. We want them to know that they have family they can rely on who will be there for them. We are dedicated to the principle that one of the basic rights of childhood is to be safe and protected.

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Escort the child and family to court and back home.

We will escort the child and family to and from court so that the child can tell their story without having to directly face their perpetrator. We will act as a shield or a wall between the child and the perp, the media, or whoever else the child may not want around them. We are not there to intimidate the perp or anyone else; we’re not there for anyone else in any fashion. Our mission and focus is 100% on the child. We strive to be a source of strength the child can draw on to realize their own inner strength. They are the true Warriors; we’re just honored to be their sidekicks.

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Provide a presence and promote community awareness.

We will attend family functions and sport events to show support and provide a presence for the child and family. Additionally, if needed, we will make our affiliation with the abused child and family known to the public and within their community. We will pass out literature on child abuse statistics to try and educate people on what is going on in their own neighborhoods. We will also inform people of who we are and how we help abused children and their families.

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Help pay for therapy for the child, both traditional and non-traditional types.

There is the obvious type of therapy that an abused child will need, but there is also a plethora of non-traditional types of ‘therapy’ that help heal and empower abused children. Martial arts may help an abused child to re/gain their confidence and help them feel safer and more confident. Horseback riding could help an abused child to re/connect with their emotions through the rhythmic motion of the horse itself as it is said to mimic the natural gait of a human walk. Music lessons can offer an abused child a safe haven to explore feelings, behaviors, and any issues they may be experiencing. We feel that whatever it takes for that abused child to get back to a state of ‘normalcy’, should be considered therapeutic and therefore readily available to that child.

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Help out with school supplies and other kid essentials.

A lot of the families these children come from are indigent and we want to make sure the child has what they need regarding toiletries, undergarments, blankets, towels, school supplies, etc. We try to rely on the community as much as possible for donated items, but we’ll also raise funds to make bulk purchases and even work with other agencies to help fill the needs of these children.


UNBROKEN MC is a group of dedicated bikers who stand up to protect children against abuse. We are willing to do whatever it takes to help make an abused child feel safe.

We provide support, aid, safety, and comfort for children hurt by physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

UNBROKEN MC is dedicated to the principle that ONE of the basic rights of childhood is to be SAFE and PROTECTED. So when the child’s environment has failed, we step up to provide it to them.

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